BIG BALLS ‘Original’ GIN


This is the ORIGINAL. The first of many gins and other drinks available online to buy, where the profits go to amazing MENTAL HEALTH charities and inittiatives.

This is my take on the classic London Dry style Gin.
A Teesside Strength Gin (that’s strong to you folk).
On the schnoz, you get an Alpine freshness, with hints of Andalucian almond blossom and a touch of Sicilian lemon.

In the gob, you get that lemon, with some bittersweet piney notes of Scottish juniperĀ  and hints of orange from Granada.

Ofcourse, you may think it smells like next doors wheelie bin and tastes like Grandmas bathwater, but hey, it’s all subjective right!
(NB. Nobody’s grandma was harmed or thrown out of the bath in the making of this gin.)

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Our first gin.

Made by myself, Jay Byers. I am the founder of Steel River Drinks (,
a North East Distillery and Brewery.
I’ve launched five STEEL RIVER GINS since 2018.
All, colourful, very moreish, uniquely presented and packed with flavour.

They have gone down a storm around the North East and beyond.

However, if you have made it this far, you know that the aim of this BIG BALLS GIN is to raise money for Mental Health.
But it still needs to taste good, or you won’t buy another bottle!

The background to this clear, London Dry style Gin, (or should I say, Teesside Dry style Gin) is part me, the story of my own mental health issues, how launching my Steel River Gins saved me from the abyss and how the last proposed gin in that range was going to be this one.

But, as my BIG BALLS FOUNDATION has started to race along, I changed track. Instead of launching my long awaited clear, classic style gin to add to the more colourful and bolder infused portfolio of Steel River Gins, I thought it would be better to launch that gin under this BIG BALLS Brand.

Given that Steel River Gins have 20,000 followers online and 1000s of satisfied customers and many many have been on at me since the start of my gin adventure to bring out a classic, clear gin, it’s fair to say that that gin would have been very well recieved and sold in good numbers.

But that’s the point. I hope that gin, which is this gin, DOES sell well and IS well recieved because the money raised goes to a much better cause than my Steel River Drinks bottom line.

It goes to the BIG BALLS FOUNDATION which then gives it to various amazing charities and causes that help people suffering from Mental Health issues.

So, THANK YOU in advance for getting this far. Thank You in advance for your purchase. I hope you get where I am coming from. I hope you love the gin obviously! You are doing an AMAZING THING.
And I hope you come back for more too….in Refill Pouch form!

Kindest Regards

Jay Byers


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