BIG BALLS GIN ‘Refill Pouch’


Introducing the innovative BIG BALLS Refill Pouch.

If you have already bought the BIG BALLS ‘Original’ Gin and loved it so much that you want another. Well, this is for you. Why buy more glass, when you can buy a handy pouch and just refill the original (very nice) bottle.
And please do just send that pouch back to us or reuse (great to fill up and take on holiday, camping, festivals, or have in your desk at at work!).

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Our first gin needs our first Refill Pouch.

It’s all about this gin this product.

Made by myself, Jay Byers. I am the founder of Steel River Drinks (,
a North East Distillery and Brewery.
I’ve launched five STEEL RIVER GINS since 2018.
All, colourful, very moreish, uniquely presented and packed with flavour.

I came up with the idea of refill pouches because from the outset I wanted to make my Steel River Gins look amazing, unique, and striking.

With additions to the bottle that were truly one-offs. Like my now (infamous) Ginflask and even a light on the bottom of the bottle that customers can turn on so the gin lights up the room, or guides them in a dry storm, safely back to Gin Sanctury!

I figured if the bottle looks that good, nobody will want to throw it out. So if I came up with some packaging that is cheaper and easy to use, then the customer can buy it just to refill the original bottle, whilst saving money, doing their bit for the planet, but still get that great gin.

It’s an idea that has worked amazingly well.

So, here is the BIG BALLS version. Enjoy!

And don’t forget, you are doing an AMAZING THING, for charities and initiatives helping those suffering from Mental Health issues.

Kindest Regards

Jay Byers


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