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Many amazing charities and initiatives raise priceless money to help the Mental Health cause

Most charities and initiatives raise money through donations, fundraisers and Lottery grants

Donations vary. Fundraisers take time and commitment. Lottery funds aren’t guaranteed

BIG BALLS has another way…




We are building front facing, popular, everyday brands that people love and buy anyway. The DIFFERENCE IS that the profits from ours will be going to fund Mental Health causes.

Introducing the first BIG BALLS Brand.

Every week, every day, every hour, these drinks will be raising valuable money and awareness for Mental Health in bars, pubs, clubs and online.


But wait. Isn’t alcohol bad for some people?

Yes it can be. For a minority of people. But doing most things to excess is usually bad for people. Alcohol needs to be treat with respect.

Isn’t alcohol the cause of mental health problems?

In our opinion, no. It is a sympton. In the same way gambling may be, or infidelity, or drug abuse or self harming.

by founder – Jay Byers

Coming a background in the licensed trade and recently having founded a drinks company, I have seen the utter joy and affection that gin has brought to so many in the last few years. I have seen the extasy in the faces of people who take that first mouthful of a great red wine, or the comeradery that having a few beers with the lads brings.

I have also seen the dark side, of people who just abused alcohol and even some that tragically have drank themselves to death.
And when I have found out more about those poor souls, it was clear that they were using, or abusing alcohol as a crutch to help them in their private suffering with clear mental health issues.

I am not blind to the fact that launching a drinks brand and a charity raising funds from it may have some people thinking I’m coming at mental health in a hypocritical way.

We British like a drink…

The British in general, love a drink. And most handle it well and drink in moderation and have no ill effects.

The British are big suppoters of their local pubs, bars and restaurants. The local can be a cornerstone of the community.

The British pub in general is a safe place, a social setting and somewhere people feel at ease being in.

We are social animals…

If people are going to go out, they are going to go out. Some will go out completely free of mental health issues and some will go out privately or publicly suffering.

Very often, when we go out, it is to a pub, to a bar, to a club, to a restaurant, to a sports match. Very often those venues sell alcohol. And many will drink.

For many people, going out is a fun thing to do. They go out to socialise and to relax. They go out to meet friends, family, work collegues and dates.

Choose BIG BALLS over the others…

If you are out socialising and are at a bar and you see a BIG BALLS Gin, Lager or IPA. Just order it. Choose BIG BALLS over the others. You will be doing a great thing. Money from your purchase goes directly to help people sufferin from Mental Health issues.

If you are out socialising and drinking a BIG BALLS product and is someone who is suffering from mental health issues, please use the BIG BALLS BELIEFS as a way to start a conversation about Mental Health and your own problems.

If you are out socialising and drinking a BIG BALLS and is someone who is in a good space, please use the BIG BALLS BELIEFS as a way to start a conversation about Mental Health and it may prompt someone your with to open up about their problems.

Let’s get talking about Mental Health more.
Let’s make it more socially acceptable.
Let’s bring it out there in social places and not leave people to fight it on their own, locked away, feeling ashamed…

Choosing a BIG BALLS drink over the others is the best decision you will make if you are out socialising. Don’t worry, those other drinks brands will survive and maybe someone suffering from Mental Health issues will too, because you bought that drink.

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